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Yul Edochie unfollows his first wife, May, on Instagram two months after she unfollowed him for taking a second wife



Yul Edochie unfollows his first wife

Yul Edochie unfollows his first wife: Yul Edochie, a Nollywood actor, has unfollowed his first wife, May Yul Edochie, on the photo and video-sharing website Instagram, indicating that there may be problems at home.

Two months ago, May also stopped following him shortly after he broke the news of his marriage to Judy Austin, a colleague, and the birth of their son.

May prayed to God to condemn her husband and his new bride at the moment and voiced her resentment toward her husband for betraying her trust.

The mother of four left a remark under his post saying, “May God judge you both.”

Yul posted old films of himself and May when they were happier, but he continued to pretend as though everything was fine in their marriage. Yul Edochie unfollows his first wife

In a recent video, he also congratulated May and their kid on landing an endorsement agreement.

The army of irate netizens who were outraged by his choice to wed a second wife expressed their displeasure through his posts, and they dragged him to the gutter for trying to identify with his first wife despite what he had done to her.

Yul Edochie has given in to the pressure he has been experiencing online and stopped following his wife on Instagram.

Yul Edochie unfollows his first wife

He has unfollowed May, according to a cursory look at his Instagram feed.

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