Wisconsin Doctor Found Dead

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Wisconsin Doctor Found Dead

Wisconsin Doctor Found Dead: On Sunday, April 3, a doctor was discovered dead beside a waterfall in northern Wisconsin when the earth beneath her collapsed.

Kelsey Musgrove’s body was discovered “half buried on a steep clay bank” on the river’s side at Potato River Falls in Gurney, according to Iron County Sheriff Paul Samardich. According to him, the search was helped by roughly 25 agencies.

Wisconsin Doctor Found Dead

Musgrove, 30, died minutes after the fall, according to her postmortem, after suffering catastrophic injuries. According to the sheriff, Musgrove, a cardiothoracic surgery fellow at the University of Wisconsin, was last seen or heard from on March 26.

Kelsey Musgrove

Her automobile was located on March 30, but her body was not recovered until April 3, 2022, according to authorities.

According to Samardich, Musgrove looked to have strayed from the route and observation area in order to get closer to the river.

In a news release on Wednesday, April 2022, the sheriff issued a caution to other hikers.

“Claybanks are always unstable,” Samardich added, “and might be undermined in locations that aren’t apparent from above.” “Please stay on authorized routes and observation areas when trekking.” If you go hiking alone, be sure someone knows where you’re going and when you’ll be back.” Wisconsin Doctor Found Dead

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