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Wife of celebrity designer Seyi Vodi attacks alleged side chic, strips her naked (Video)



Wife of celebrity designer Seyi Vodi

celebrity designer Seyi Vodi: Currently viral online is a video showing Bunmi Alade-Adekunle, the celebrity designer Seyi Adekunle’s wife, hitting Seyi Vodi, who is thought to be his side chic.

Bunmi was heard in the video telling Moesha, her husband’s side chic, that she has been admonishing her to stay away from him.

Wife of celebrity designer Seyi Vodi

Seyi Vodi 1

Then, while Moesha was tying a towel, she and her companions attacked her and stripped her naked.

This allegedly occurred in Seyi Vodi’s workplace, according to insiders. One of the sources that spoke with a well-known news outlet stated;

“Wife of well-known Abuja tailor and socialite Adekunle Seyi Vodi recently peeked into his office and saw him with his side chic, Moesha. Wife of celebrity designer Seyi Vodi

They had reportedly been dating for a number of years, and his wife informed Moesha to keep away from her husband.

Alleged side chick

She just learned that Vodi was responsible for paying for his mistress’ extravagant lifestyle, which included purchasing her a Benz and launching a fashion label in her honor.

A small bird recently informed the wife that Moesha had returned to visit her husband in his office. She immediately descended. But Vodi sprinted off right away, leaving Moesha behind.

The incident’s focal point, Seyi Vodi, has already locked his Instagram account. Wife of celebrity designer Seyi Vodi


Watch a video from scene of the fight below…



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