Who Was Patrick Lyoya? Shot And Killed After Struggle With Officer During Grand Rapids

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Who Was Patrick Lyoya

Who Was Patrick Lyoya: The fatal shooting of Patrick Lyoya during a traffic check has sparked debate over police use of lethal force. Protests have erupted in response to the tragedy. Who Was Patrick Lyoya

Patrick Lyoya came to the United States as a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo. An officer from the Grand Rapids Police Department just shot him.

Lyoya and an officer got into a confrontation after a traffic stop on April 4, 2022. Unfortunately, the young man had to die as a result of the shooting.

Lyoya’s funeral will take place at the Renaissance Church of God on Friday, April 22, 2022. But first, let’s look at the situation in more detail. Who Was Patrick Lyoya

Who Was Patrick Lyoya? Man killed After Struggle In Grand Rapids

At the time of his death, Patrick Lyoya was 26 years old. He was a refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo who was African-American.

Lyoya was a driver who had come to a halt near the Griggs and Nelson intersection. At the time, he had a passenger in his vehicle.

A white police officer then interrogated him repeatedly about a possible license plate infringement. Lyoya was perplexed when he heard this and attempted to flee, but was shot in the head.

Protesters gathered in Grand Rapids on Sunday, April 17, 2022, to demand justice for Patrick and his family.

“What makes me cry more is seeing my son slain by a police officer over a minor, small error. My life has come to an end,” his bereaved father, Peter Lyoya, said.

Patrick’s mother, on the other side, has stated that she is “extremely sad and wounded” and that she is unable to stop crying.

In 2014, the Lyoyas relocated to the United States of America. Patrick has two children of his own and used to work in an auto parts manufacturing.

Patrick Lyoya was killed by a single gunshot wound, according to an autopsy.

Patrick Lyoya died from a single gunshot wound, according to an updated autopsy report. The bullet had struck him in the back of the head, near the midline.

The bullet had moved up and to the right side of Loya’s skull, according to Dr. Werner Spitz’s findings. It was wedged between his right temporal bone and his skull. Who Was Patrick Lyoya

According to the forensic pathologist studies, Patrick had a normal life expectancy.

The only weapons discovered at the site were the officer’s taser and revolver. Meanwhile, the identify of the Grand Rapids Police Department (GRPD) officer has remained unknown.

According to BBC news, the cop will be sacked and will face criminal prosecution. Furthermore, the shooting is currently being investigated by the Michigan State Police. Who Was Patrick Lyoya

Video Of Fatal Patrick Lyoya Released Online

Patrick Lyoya’s shooting video has been shared on social media sites such as Reddit and Twitter.

According to the video, a Grand Rapids officer approaches Patrick Lyoya and begins questioning him about his vehicle registration.

Then, following a traffic check, Patrick Lyoya, who appeared bewildered, is seen fleeing from the police. At one point, his hand can be seen gripping and fending off an electric shock pistol.

Meanwhile, Lyoya is overheard telling the officer to “let go” of his Taser. The black man was shot after a minute and is seen lying on the ground.

“This independent autopsy report validates what we all seen in the horrible video evidence,” stated attorney Ben Crump.

“Patrick Lyoya, who was unarmed at the time, was cognizant until the bullet pierced his head, suddenly ending what may have been a long and rich life.” Who Was Patrick Lyoya

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