Who Was Bianca Rudolph? Wife of Pittsburgh dentist Larry Rudolph shot and killed on safari

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Who Was Bianca Rudolph

Who Was Bianca Rudolph: Lawrence “Larry” Rudolph and his wife, Bianca, were ready to return to the United States from a safari vacation in Zambia, Africa, when disaster struck.

Who Was Bianca Rudolph

Larry, a dentist from the Pittsburgh area, said he was in the bathroom when he heard a gunshot and found his wife bleeding and dead on the bedroom floor.

He stated that when Bianca was packing the shotgun, it accidentally fired.

Larry had his wife’s body burned in Zambia right away, prompting a friend of Bianca’s to wonder if it was an accident.

Shortly after Bianca’s death, the friend notified the FBI. According to an FBI complaint, she also claimed Lawrence was having an affair and had been verbally antagonistic to Bianca.

According to the acquaintance who contacted the FBI, the couple had a financial feud.

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