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Who is the owner of SNL?



Who is the owner of SNL: Lorne Michaels owns Saturday Night Live, also known as SNL. He is the originator of the late-night sketch comedy and variety show on American television.

Who is the owner of SNL

When was SNL created?

SNL was founded by Lorne Michaels in 1997 and developed by Dick Ebersol, who is now the showrunner.

Lorne Michaels

Lorne Michaels, who is he? Lorne Michaels is a Canadian-American actor, comedian, screenwriter, and film and television producer.

Lorne Michaels age

Lorne Michaels’ age isn’t known. Lorne Michaels, born November 17, 1944, is 77 years old.

Lorne Michaels height

Lorne Michaels’ height is unknown. Lorne Michaels stands at 1.77 meters.

Lorne Michaels wife

Lorne Michaels is a married man. Lorne Michaels has a wife. Lorne Michaels is happily married to Alice Barry.

Lorne Michaels children

Is Lorne Michaels married with kids? What are Lorne Michaels’ kids’ names? Lorne Michaels is a father of three. Sophie Michaels, Edward Michaels, and Henry Michaels are their names.

Lorne Michaels net worth

What is Lorne Michaels’ net worth? Lorne Michaels’ net wealth is unknown. Lorne Michaels’ net wealth is unknown. Lorne Michaels’ net worth is estimated to be about $500 million.

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