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Who Is Stephen Sharp? Arby’s Fast Food Manager Caught Urinating In Milkshake Mix



Who Is Stephen Sharp: Steven Sharp, a manager at Arby’s in Washington, was caught on camera urinating into milkshake mix in a viral video.

Stephen Sartain Sharp, 29, is also being held at the Clark County Jail on child pornography and abuse charges.

Who Is Stephen Sharp?

Sharp was on night duty on the day of the milkshake incident. Sharp said he threw the bag away after the crime, but the cops maintained that the milkshake was likely sold by the next shift.

Stephen Sharp admitted to the police that he only performed the act for sexual enjoyment on two occasions.

Photo Credit: Kansas State Collegian

Sharp remains charged with four counts of sexual exploitation of kids and one allegation of second-degree assault with a sexual motive.

He admitted to downloading and sharing child pornography and having sexual feelings for youngsters.

Arby’s fast food management issued a statement saying they were ignorant of Arby’s activities and that he had been sacked immediately.

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