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Who is Melanie Lynn Clapp Dating After Divorcing Johnny Knoxville?



Melanie Lynn Clapp – The world of fashion and clothing design is vast and rather competitive. A name that shines brighter among thousands of these fashion professionals is Melanie Lynn Clapp.

Melanie Lynn Clapp


Born Name             Melanie Lynn Cates
Birth Place              United States
Nationality             American
Ethnicity                 White
Profession              Fashion Designer
Net Worth              $500,000

The world of fashion and clothing design is vast and rather competitive. A name that shines brighter among thousands of these fashion professionals is Melanie Lynn Clapp.

Asides from her success as a designer, the woman is also famous as the former wife of producer and actor Johnny Knoxville. She is a strong and independent woman who stands as an example to several other females struggling between the blemishes of personal and professional life.

What is Melanie Lynn Clapp Current Relationship Status?

Melanie previously spent her marital life with Johnny Knoxville. Their dating history is a bit blurry but the couple tied the holy knot on the 15th of May 1995. The couple welcomed their third member a year later in 1996.

The interesting thing is, Melanie helped her then-husband through a severe phase of his life. As it happens, the man struggled with his addiction for a long time. So, what was his addiction about?

Melanie Lynn Clapp Dating After Divorcing Johnny

The ex-wife of Johnny Knoxville, Melanie Lynn Clapp with their daughter.

Well, most of us would think about drugs, right? As shocking it might seem, the producer had been battling his addiction of gambling. The thing had started going out of hand to the point that Johnny gambled away his marriage money. Can you believe that?

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As a result, Johnny and Melanie had to compromise their marital ceremony plans. They exchanged their vows in a rather cheap place to minimize the expenditure. Mad props to Melaine for keeping up with Johnny’s degrading condition and staying with him until his recovery.

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As it seems, the couple made it out of the bumpy road. Along the road, they got blessed with a girl named Madison Clapp. The baby girl first opened her eyes in 1996. The birth of their child not only brought an addition to their family but, a subtraction of addiction from her father’s life.

Unfortunately, Johnny filed for divorce in 2006. They finalized the divorce in March of 2008. When queried about the reason behind the separation, the duo had nothing to say besides irreconcilable dispute.

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After the separation, the couple has moved on with their lives. Johnny now spends his married life with Naomi Nelson and has a kid. The two exchanged vows in 2010 after dating for some time.

However, Melanie lives a private life in Los Angeles with her daughter. She is single now and we do not have any news on her current dating life. She shares mutual custody of her daughter with Johnny.

Melanie Lynn Clapp Net Worth

Melanie is a professional fashion designer. She still actively pursues this career. This is sure to bring her a decent amount of earning. Her estimated net worth is $500 thousand.

Who is Melanie Lynn Clapp Dating After Divorcing Johnny

Melanie Lynn with her former partner Johnny and daughter in an event.
Source: biographyfact

However, she divorced Hollywood actor, comedian, and producer Johnny Knoxville back in 2008. Johnny has a net worth of $75 millionas of 2019. After the divorce, Melanie must have scored a part of the large wealth.

The actual settlement money is unrevealed to this day but considering the settlement amount, child support and spousal support amount, Melanie’s actual net worth is a lot more.

Ex-Husband’s Career

We all know Johnny Knoxville is quite popular in Hollywood. He is well-appreciated for his role and production in the show Jackass. His total wealth count is in millions.

In 2004, the man took home a handsome salary of $5 millionfrom his contribution to Walking Tall. Also, he sold his Florida house in 2008 for a hefty amount of $1.8 million. The man drives around in his Audi Q5 which costs nearly half a million dollars.

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Johnny co-owns a production company called Dickhouse Productions along with his peers Jeff Tremaine and Spike Jonze. Some of the company’s prized projects includeMat Hoffman‘s documentary The Birth of Big Air and the 2010 release The Wild and Wonder Whites of West Virginia.

Who is Melanie Lynn Clapp Dating After Divorcing Johnny Knoxville 1

Producer Johnny Knoxville with his new Audi Q5.

Adding to his success is his next production company called Hello Junior. The firm started in 2014 and maintains good terms with Paramount Pictures.

Similarly, Johnny contributes his humor and acting skills in several movies like Men in Black IIThe Dukes of Hazzard, and many more.


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