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Who Is Gareth Icke’s Wife Gemma Icke?



Gareth Icke

Gareth Icke is famous English singer/songwriter known for song or rock genre.

Gareth Icke is the son of famous author and conspiracy theorist David Icke and his mother is Pamela Icke.

Gareth Icke was born on December 12,1981 in the United Kingdom.

Gareth Icke released his debut album titled ‘It gets worst in the night’ through Icon Records  in late 2009

Since then, Gareth Icke has gone on to release four albums with more than 25 tracks through various record labels.

gareth icke

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Other than singing, Gareth Icke is an author who has already published How not to be a rock star book which is available on his store and is also a level 2 certified trainer. Additionally, Gareth Icke was England’s International beach player for 6 years.

Who Is Gareth Icke’s Wife Gemma Icke?

Gareth Icke married Gemma Icke on 9th of August 2016 and are already blessed with beautiful daughter.


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