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Who Is Clarence Dixon And Who Was His Victim?



Who Is Clarence Dixon: In the United States, Clarence Wayne Dixon was a convicted killer. On January 7, 1978, he was found guilty of the murder of Deana Lynne Bowdoin, 21, in Tempe, Arizona.

Who Is Clarence Dixon

Dixon was convicted of Bowdoin’s murder and sentenced to death on January 24, 2008, while serving a life term on a sexual assault conviction from 1986. Following the botched execution of Joseph Wood in 2014, he was executed by lethal injection on May 11, 2022, the state’s first execution in nearly eight years.

Deana Lynne Bowdoin, a 21-year-old Arizona State University senior, was murdered on January 7, 1978, at her apartment. Around 2:00 a.m., Bowdoin’s boyfriend returned to the apartment and discovered her dead body on the bed. Who Is Clarence Dixon

Image Credits: AP and Family Handout

Bowdoin had been stabbed numerous times and strangled to death with a belt. Semen was found on her vaginal area and underpants, but it could not be linked to any of the suspects.

Bowdoin’s murder was unresolved for more than two decades, becoming a cold case until 2001, when DNA from the crime scene matched Clarence Dixon’s DNA. Dixon had resided across the street from Bowdoin at the time of her murder, it was later learned.


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