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Who Is Better Ronaldo Or Ibrahimovic?



Who Is Better Ronaldo Or Ibrahimovic

Who Is Better Ronaldo Or Ibrahimovic: Christiano Ronaldo has the upper hand, and he has also proven to be a more consistent scorer this season: Ronaldo has only failed to score in four of Real Madrid’s 17 games, whilst Zlatan Ibrahimovic has strangely failed to score in nine of PSG’s 17 games.

Both players are genuine match-winners who are capable of delivering the unexpected.

Who Is Better Ronaldo Or Ibrahimovic

However, while Ronaldo has evolved from the box-of-tricks winger who delighted and frustrated Old Trafford in equal measure in his early years to an ultra-consistent attacker who bludgeons opposing defenses more frequently than Miley Cyrus seeks controversy, his penchant for the truly ridiculous has slowed.

It’s not often that Ronaldo scores or creates a stroke of brilliance that leaves you thinking, “Wow, I hadn’t seen that before.”

There is no doubt that he has moments of brilliance and magnificent moments, but for the most part, it’s all quite mundane—well, as mundane as being otherworldly on a regular basis can be.

That isn’t to say he isn’t contributing, as evidenced by his miraculous goal against Galatasaray.

Zlatan, on the other hand, remains the player on the planet most capable of creating a breath-taking touch, flick, or finish—the incredible bicycle kick against England in November 2012 comes to mind instantly. Who Is Better Ronaldo Or Ibrahimovic

Why is Zlatan Ibrahimovi famous

His long-range thunderbolt against Anderlecht was startlingly harsh, while his mid-air back-heel flick in the win over Bastia was so beautifully delightful that you couldn’t believe it was the same player.

Ibrahimovic is given the nod for his versatility.

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