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Who founded Sainsbury? Is Sainsburys still owned by the Sainsbury family?



Who founded Sainsbury


Who founded Sainsbury – Sainsbury’s, known also as J Sainsbury PLC, is the second-largest supermarket chain of supermarkets that is based in the United Kingdom. Sainsbury’s was founded in 1869 and it has its headquarters in London.


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Who founded Sainsbury?

Sainsbury’s was founded by John James Sainsbury.

James John Sainsbury was an English grocer and founder of the Sainsbury’s supermarket chain in the United Kingdom. James John Sainsbury was born on June 12, 1844, and died on January 3, 1928, at the age of 83 years.


John James Sainsbury
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James John Sainsbury was a great businessman who ensured the best of quality for his customers and in addition to that, he offered competitive prices in his business.

Is Sainsburys still owned by the Sainsbury family?

The Sainsburys family still own some stake in the Sainsbury’s and has also sold some of their stakes. Currently, the largest family shareholders are Lord Sainsbury of Turville with 4.99% and Lord Sainsbury of Preston Candover with a 3% stake and 1.6% of equity.

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