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BBNaija 2021: “I Am Your Father” – Whitemoney Cries As Queen Tries To Get Se*ual With Him In The Sofa (Video)



Whitemoney Cries – Queen has recently been trying to warm up to Whitemoney since Boma shut down whatever situationship was forming between them.

This afternoon, whiles they were sitting at the sofa area, Queen tried to make some sexual advances at Whitemoney but he, however, didn’t seem to be here for it.

Whitemoney Cries

Whitemoney was lying down on one of the sofas and Queen came over to him, spread her legs open, and sat over his lower body, and then started moving her waist on him in a se..xual way.

Whitemoney, who didn’t seem to want to respond to the sexual advances from Queen, started shouting, saying he is her father, in other to stop her in a nice way.

whitemoney and queen

JMK was also sitting beside the sofa and passed funny comments and all laughed as they seem to have taken Queen’s act as a silly joke.

A few nights ago, Queen left her bed to Whitemoney’s bed saying she wanted a warm bed as hers felt cold. Her sudden closeness to Whitemoney soon as Boma dropped her, has fans thinking she is acting too desperate for a partner in the house.

Watch the moment Whitemoney Cries…



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