What is Wrong With Ashley Judd?

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What is Wrong With Ashley Judd: Ashley Judd, a well-known American actress, has been battling a terrible disease that has left her with debilitating headaches for quite some time.

Judd has revealed that she is on medicine and has had plastic surgery.

What is Wrong With Ashley Judd?

Her appearance appears to have changed as a result of the sickness, with her face becoming bloated.

When she appeared in a campaign ad for Democratic presidential contender Elizabeth Warren, fans noticed the difference in her appearance.

Comments and inquiries about her appearance followed the popular video. As a result, Judd resorted to social media to explain himself:

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“I’ve been unwell with bad headaches for about a year and can only do light walking exercise,” she revealed.

“I’ve had some un-fun weight gain, along with medicine and the natural sloth that collects around forced idleness,” Judd said of her most recent migraine, which lasted “awful 4-and-a-half months.”

Judd is a screen goddess who has been in a number of major films.

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