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What happened to Sky Williams: drama around the streamer explained



In 2020, Sky Williams became a target of online criticism following numerous allegations that surfaced about him. He was accused of multiple things, including abuse and supporting sexual harassment. So what happened to him?

Sky Williams

Williams seated on a chair. Photo: @skywilliams Source: Facebook

Sky Williams became a well-known YouTuber and streamer through League of Legends when he published numerous comedic rants about the game that would eventually go viral. Today he boasts of an incredible number of subscribers on YouTuber and Twitch.

Who is Sky Williams?

Sky Scott Williams is a director, standup comedian, vlogger, and sponsored live streamer on Twitch (Sky_mp3). He also has a YouTube channel (Sky Williams) with 776k subscribers at the time of publication of this article.

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Williams grew his audience by competing in Super Smash Bros. events where he would meet many of his friends, including Sp4zie and Sunnysplosion.

With time, he became more successful and owned many gaming houses where Smash Bros. Community members would stay and pay rent. His houses were referred to by the monicker Sky House by the tenant.

What happened to Sky Williams?

Celebrities, social media influencers, and content creators are always in the spotlight, and their actions come with many responsibilities. In this era of social media, most people use these platforms to call out and voice their concerns over some issues.

 Nneoma Okoro, confesses

Sky Williams Smash Bro. community involvement and sexual abuse allegations
In Sky Houses, there were artists, professional gamers, and the streamer’s friends who all lived together. They did most things together, including cleaning and partying.

Williams and a friend

Williams and a friend. Photo: @skywilliams Source: Facebook

In most cases, parties full of influencers and Super Smash Bros. icons were held there, and the tenants would stream tournaments or events. The places seemed pleasant and fun; however, it was an eye-opening experience that most shall live to remember for the tenants.

The Sky Williams drama began following allegations involving sexual harassment, paedophilia, and more, within the Smash Bros. Community. Most of those allegations, including those featuring D’Ron Maingrette, Richard King, and Gonzalo Barrios, happened in the Sky Houses, trying him to the entire issue.
To make matters worse, some of the roommates accused him of facilitating the type of abuses that were rampant within the Smash Bros. Community. Some alleged that the YouTuber was himself abusive.

Sky Williams banned the entry of visitors within the premises without his permission. He would sometimes do stupid things like threaten to break his roommates’ properties if one invited someone over without his consent.

In another instance, the streamer threatened to spend the money needed for food, utilities, and house payments on luxurious things to punish his roommates when they accidentally walked into his room. These incidents point towards a carefree and abusive character that would facilitate heinous activities under his roof.

Debt allegations

Who does Sky Williams owe money to? Some roommates also accused him of owing them money. Jacqueline “Jisu” Choe, an artist with an extensive background in the Smash community and the tenant in the first Sky House, came out with a detailed account of issues in the house. She accused him of not paying her for the work he commissioned.

LS (Twitter name) accused the streamer of owing him $10,000 for two years.

Another artist who lived in one of the Sky Houses, Melissa “ffsade” Yabumoto, alleged that the streamer had total control over the quality of one’s life in the house.

Sky Williams’ apology backlash

In a three-hour stream, the streamer attempted to address allegations about abuse of power, harassment, and sexual misconduct in his houses. However, he seems to have only made things worse.

Initially, he had planned to give a statement via TwitLong. He went against the initial plans and instead issued an apology via his Twitch account. When he started that live stream, it became clear that if he was going to address all the allegations, he was going to take time.

He spent about one and a quarter an hour addressing debt allegations, which mainly featured derailing information and text conversations. When it became clear that his apology was not going to come, some members of the Smash Bros. Community took action. They sent messages to Twitch asking them to bring the video down.

During the stream, viewers noticed the broadcast dropped in quality and was cut out. Many thought it was Twitch finally pulling the plug. However, it turned out to be one of the streamer’s housemates taking the router.

Following the backlash, the streamer said that the live stream was a massive mistake. He said,

I still think it’s my duty to release the full and complete statement of the Sky House and the activities therein. Nothing will ever justify the pain I’ve caused, but my hope is that it shows you that I am not a monster, though I’ve caused the same pain as one.

Sky Williams Dunkey drama

Dunkey and Sky are two renowned YouTubers and Twitch streams. In 2019, it was alleged that William, Leah, and Dunkey had unfollowed each other on Twitter. The Sky Williams Dunkey disagreement is thought to have emanated from the drama between Leah and Sky.

Dunkey is said to have supported Leah, and as a result, his friendship with Williams fell apart. Not much credible information is available concerning this drama except speculations.

Was Sky Williams banned?

He was not banned but has maintained a low profile. Since these allegations came up, Williams has stopped uploading videos on his YouTube channel.

This is what happened to Sky Williams. The streamer has been accused of terrible things that transpired within his houses and failing to pay up some debts.

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