What Happened To Shea Mcgee Teeth? Did The Dream Home Makeover Cast Have Surgery In Her Mouth

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What Happened To Shea Mcgee Teeth

What Happened To Shea Mcgee Teeth: Shea Mcgee, the creator of Studio McGee & Co., is pictured with her freshly redone teeth. Shea and her husband Syd run an interior design firm in Utah for both domestic and foreign customers.

Additionally, in October 2020, they published their book, Make Life Beautiful. Shea’s Instagram, spouse, kids, and teeth are topics of attention. It’s for you.

What Happened To Shea Mcgee Teeth – Did She Have Surgery?

Shea claimed that her dentist filed her teeth shorter and trimmed everything after her front tooth chipped in high school. She had her teeth corrected in the end after numerous unsuccessful attempts to straighten them.

She admitted the facts in a video that was published on her Studio McGee Blog in August 2020. She even tried braces, but they didn’t change the misalignment of her teeth. What Happened To Shea Mcgee Teeth

She eventually made it to Arizona to meet Dr. Harris, underwent veneer surgery there, and had a good experience overall.

Shea McGee stands 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 55 kg. Mcgee has stunning blue eyes, and the color of her blonde hair complements her skin tone.

Her breast, waist, and hip dimensions are 33-24-32 inches, but she still has a great physique. To stay healthy, she used to exercise and eat well. What Happened To Shea Mcgee Teeth

Shea Mcgee Religion: Is She Mormon?

Interior designer Shea Mcgee does hold a Christian faith.

Shea and her husband are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon). On July 5, 1985, Shea McGee, a citizen of the United States, reached the age of 37 in Texas.

At “Brigham Young University,” Shea McGee started her academic career. Shea McGee graduated from that university with a Bachelor of Arts in communications, with a concentration in public relations. What Happened To Shea Mcgee Teeth

Shea Mcgee’s spouse Instagram, too
Shea and Syd McGee got married. They first met there in 2008, and after exchanging vows, they got married. Syd and her brother also shared a room. Shea and Syd McGee got along great.

Before becoming CEO of Studio McGee, her husband Syd spent six years creating a start-up in the field of digital marketing.

Shea is the founder and creative director of Studio McGee, which oversees a variety of home goods. In 2014, she and her husband started their interior design company with the slogan “Making Life Beautiful,” which is similar to this.

There is also a brand-new Netflix series called “Dream Home Makeover.” As a result, the second season debuted on January 1, 2021, and the first season on October 16, 2020.

In 2014, they relocated from California to Utah in search of a lower cost of living, where they began gradually growing their business.

Shea Mcgee has featured House Beautiful Magazine and Pop Sugar separately. She thus frequently posted pictures of her daily life and home decor to her verified @studiomcgee Instagram account.

Wren and Ivy recently welcomed their third daughter after already having two. The name Margot was given to the newborn. What Happened To Shea Mcgee Teeth

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