What Happened To Lacey Holsworth, Friend of Adreian Payne?

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What Happened To Lacey Holsworth

What Happened To Lacey Holsworth: Lacey Holsworth was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a cancer of the fetal nerve cells. She became a symbol of Spartan triumph due to her tenacity and endurance.

What Happened To Lacey Holsworth

Payne sent a heartfelt message to the Lacey family after learning of her death, and the Spartans said they will hold a memorial service for the young girl.

Lacey Holsworth
Image Credit: Bleacherreporter

Another tumor wrapped across her spine after that. She lost feeling below her belly button and was unable to walk for several months, during which time Payne paid her the first of many visits.

Lacey Holsworth was an eight-year-old girl who inspired the Michigan State men’s basketball team. After a long struggle with cancer, she died.

Lacey joined the Michigan State family two years after she struck up a friendship with standout forward Adrian Payne.

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