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What Happened To Frankie Rex? How Did Frankie Rex Die?



What Happened To Frankie Rex

What Happened To Frankie Rex: Frankie Rex was a transsexual singer who was a member of the alternative band The FMs. Machinacene Epoch, their debut album, was published in 2017.

What Happened To Frankie Rex

The FMs had their most successful year to date in 2021, when they launched a slew of songs that gained more attention from the public. The band’s Spotify streaming hit new highs with “Song X” and its accompanying video, which was directed by established music video director Matt Mahurin.

Image Credit: GMD3

Rex was well-known in New York City’s alternative-punk scene, having been a member of various rock bands in the late 2000s and early 2010s, including queer-punk trio BOYS and stoner punk band The Violent Orange.

How Did Frankie Rex Die?

Frankie Rex died on May 11, 2022, from a suspected fentanyl overdose. Mate Namer, a bandmate, confirmed their demise on Instagram on May 17, 2022.

Namer also indicated that Rex’s death would signal the end of The FMs for the time being, describing it as a “beautiful dream we had to wake up from way too soon,” before revealing that the duo had recorded at least two albums worth of material that they wanted to share with the world at a later date. “We now feel it is our responsibility to share these artistic endeavors with the rest of the world and to find wonderful methods to honor Frankie’s memory,” said the group. What Happened To Frankie Rex

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