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What Happened To Candy Crush On Facebook?



Candy Crush On Facebook

What Happened To Candy Crush: Candy Crush, a popular game on Facebook, was removed from the platform in 2021, causing outrage among users.

Candy Crush Saga maker King had previously shut down its online web portal, which served as the game’s original home before it was ported to Facebook and mobile devices.

The web portal was purchased by Google after 18 years of online existence.

Sebastian Knutsson created Candy Crush for Facebook in 2012.

What Happened To Candy Crush?

There will be no need to be concerned about your gaming progress. If Candy Crush is not reinstalled, it will become more difficult to play.


Photo Credit: Sensor Tower

By selecting it and hitting the edit symbol underneath it, users can access the Candy Crush game via their shortcut tab under the shortcut menu.

Candy Crush Saga will now be found in the Shortcuts section.

Is Candy Crush Still Popular?

For nearly a decade, Candy Crush has been the highest-grossing game.

Despite the fact that user levels have reduced, committed fans can still go to higher levels once they begin playing.

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