What Happened To Allister Adel?

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What Happened To Allister Adel

What Happened To Allister Adel: Allister Adel was an American attorney and litigator who received numerous awards for her work and advocacy. Allister Adel was an associate professor at Arizona State University’s College of Public Service and Community Solutions.

Allister Adel was a volunteer in a variety of capacities, including Community Service Director for Phoenix Rotary 100, President of Phoenix Rotary 100, and Chairperson of the Phoenix Rotary Club Charities, to name a few.

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Allister Adel was born in 1977 and passed away on April 30, 2022, at the age of 45, due to health issues. Allister Adel married David DaNitto, an American, and they had two children together.

What Happened To Allister Adel?

On March 25, 2022, Allister Adel had to retire from her position as an attorney with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office owing to serious health issues. Allister Adel died as a result of issues with her health.

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