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What disease does Shauna Ray have? Where can I watch im Shauna Rae?



What disease does Shauna Ray have


What disease does Shauna Ray have, Shauna Rae is the star of the hit TLC series ‘I Am Shauna Rae.’ I Am Shauna Rae is TLC’s newest reality series.

Shauna Rae may look like a normal kid, but she’s actually an adult! Shauna is “stuck” in the body of an 8-year-old girl.


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What disease does Shauna Ray have?

At just 6 months old, Shauna Rae was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer.

Shauna Rae underwent chemotherapy but an unfortunate side effect was that she stopped growing.

Shauna Rae stopped growing when she reached 3 feet and 10 inches.

The chemotherapy made Shauna Rae’s pituitary gland almost dormant, leaving her with a childlike appearance.

Where can I watch I’m Shauna Rae?

I Am Shauna Rae, a reality series starring is available to stream.

You can watch I Am Shauna Rae on; Prime Video, VUDU, Philo, Spectrum TV, Vudu Movie & TV Store or TLC GO on your Roku device.

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