West Elm Caleb Is Trending On Twitter And This Is Why

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West Elm Caleb

West Elm Caleb has been a ghost personality on TikTok who has ghost-dated several ladies in New York.

According to the trending clips, Caleb is a 25-year-old furniture designer for West Elm. He happens to be a white, conventionally attractive, 6’4” designer who skillfully dates several women on dating apps.

West Elm Caleb

The viral West Elm Caleb phenomenon was sparked off when creator Mimi Shou (@meemshou on TikTok) shared a funny video about dating in NYC, especially being ghosted by a tall man named Caleb. The comments were quickly filled with other girls asking if this guy happened to work at West Elm.

Following Shou’s TikTok, other ladies came out to narrate their own stories of petered-out relationships with Caleb who was dating all of them at the same time.

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These relationships generally included romantic dates, active texting, and Spotify playlists. Many TikTok creators have used the phrase “love bombing” in their description of Caleb’s dating style, or the use of excessive flattery and romance early in a relationship that is often a red flag.

These stories also end in the same way: Caleb becomes distant and eventually ghosts, like a mirage in the New York dating desert.

If you are used to dating apps or considering using one, you just have to be careful not to fall victim of another West Elm Caleb who would just put your emotions on the high and then disappear.

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