Was Maria von Trapp really a nun?

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Was Maria von Trapp really a nun: Maria Augusta von Trapp was the Trapp Family Singers’ stepmother and matriarch.

She wrote The Story of the Trapp Family Singers in 1949, which was adapted into the 1956 West German film The Trapp Family, which was adapted into the 1959 Broadway musical The Sound of Music and its 1965 film adaptation.

Maria von Trapp Biography
Maria von Trapp
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Was Maria von Trapp really a nun?

Maria von Trapp was only supposed to stay for a year before returning to the abbey and becoming a nun.

But, after the Baron proposed, she got attached to the children and decided to quit the Church (he was 25 years her senior).

Maria and Georg married in 1927, 11 years before the family left Austria, and not just before the Nazi occupation.

Maria did not marry Georg von Trapp because of her feelings for him. Maria stated in her autobiography that she fell in love with the children rather than their father at first sight.

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