Was Ivana Trump Murdered?

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Was Ivana Trump Murdered

Was Ivana Trump Murdered: Ivana Trump is no more. Ivana Trump, the first wife of former US President Donald Trump, passed away yesterday, July 14, 2022.

Image Credit: The Week UK

She was an entrepreneur of Czech descent. In her Manhattan home, Ivana passed away.

She had a 73-year-old age. On his Truth Social platform, Donald Trump made the announcement of the passing of his first wife, who was also the mother of his first three children, Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric.

Was Ivana Trump Murdered

Ivana Trump’s cause of death is unknown. She was allegedly discovered at the bottom of the stairway.

Ivana’s descent down the stairs—whether she fell or was pushed—is the subject of a police investigation. It was also thought that she had a heart attack.

Around 12:40 pm, the building’s workers found her dead and notified the police. The official cause of death will be established by the city’s Medical Examiner.

The Trump family has since issued the following statement:

“Our mother was a remarkable woman who excelled in business, was a renowned athlete, radiantly beautiful, and a loving mother and friend. Ivana Trump overcame adversity. She welcomed this nation after leaving communism. She instilled in her kids a sense of perseverance, compassion, and resolve. Her mother, three children, and ten grandkids will all miss her terribly. Was Ivana Trump Murdered



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