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Was Coolio On Drugs?



Was Coolio On Drugs

Was Coolio On Drugs: Rapper Coolio previously used narcotics. Nevertheless, he overcame significant struggles with poverty and drug addiction throughout his motivational ascent to popularity.

Was Coolio On Drugs


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When he was 11 years old, his parents divorced, and he joined the Baby Crips. He then started acting menacingly to better express himself. Coolio started using violence, carrying weapons to class, and ruining his previously bright academic future.

He published his debut single, Watcha Gonna Do, and established himself as a regular on a Los Angeles radio station. Sadly, the rapper’s initial taste of stardom was fleeting because of his severe drug addiction.

In order to get his life together, Coolio entered himself into a crack cocaine recovery facility. He even began working as a firefighter in Northern California. Was Coolio On Drugs


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