Von Trapp family descendants; the real von Trapp family

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Von Trapp family descendants: The Von Trapps are a great Austrian-American family that were well-known in the media. Members of the Von Trapp family were notable singers who enjoyed gospel, religious, and instrumental music.

Georg von Trapp and his two wives, Agathe Whitehead and Maria Kutschera, founded the Von Trapp family. In addition to Georg von Trapp, Agathe Whitehead, and Maria Kutschera, the Von Trapps had ten wonderful children.

Von Trapp Family
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Von Trapp family descendants; the real von Trapp family

Georg von Trapp, Agathe von Trapp, Maria von Trapp, Hedwig von Trapp, Maria Franziska von Trapp, Werner von Trapp, Johanna von Trapp, Martina von Trapp, Rupert von Trapp, and Johannes von Trapp are members of the Von Trapp family.

Furthermore, several of Georg von Trapp’s descendants created “The von Trapps,” which recorded five studio recordings.

Sofia von Trapp, Melanie von Trapp, Amanda von Trapp, August von Trapp, and others who are not in the media are among the Von Trapp family’s grandchildren.

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