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“Investigation Not Complete If Parents Of Killers Are Not Investigated” – Victor Osuagwu Rages Over Sylvester Oromoni’s Death (Video)



Victor Osuagwu, a famous Nollywood comic actor, has reacted to the mysterious death of Sylvester Oromoni of Dowen College, as he calls for investigation on the parents of killers.

Victor Osuagwu

Calling out the authorities of the school and parents of the boys who allegedly tortured Sylvester to death, the Nollywood legend admitted how hard it was to train a child up to the age of Sylvester, and then losing him in an unjust manner.

Victor, who noted that the investigations carried out by the government and others can never be complete if parents of the perpetrators are not investigated, expressed fierce anger in a viral video.

Victor Osuagwu

The actor, who went on blasting the authorities of the school for lying that the late Sylvester suffered football injuries, accused the school of trying to cover up the crime.

Acknowledging the brilliance in children, he argued that the parents of the killers should be investigated because their children must have learnt the bad ways from them.

In a post on Instagram, Victor who lamented the death of Sylvester wrote, “RIP Silvester. God, You Are God Always And Never Change, Fight For Silvester And Expose More Evils In Down College in Jesus Name…. #justicforsilvester #mannamumu #onukwube #thingscannotbethesame.”

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