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Kristian Parades: Who Is The Astroworld Attendee Suing Travis Scott And Drake?



Travis Scott

Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert ended in tragedy during the weekend. This was because there was a stampede that left eight people including a young boy dead. It also left several people injured.

The rapper shared a statement and a video saying that he is “absolutely devastated” by the incident.

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However, there have been pleas that he should be arrested. This is because while the stampede was ongoing, there were several calls from the audience that that concert should be paused.

These pleas fell on deaf ears whiles the rapper still continued to perform. And even while the ambulances were taking dead bodies away, the rapper was still singing.

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Kristian Parades is a 23-year-old fan from Austin, Texas. He was present at the concert.  According to him, he was watching the concert from the front of the general admission section.

He is suing Drake and Travis Scott for “inciting the crowd”. This, therefore, caused mayhem that left him “severely injured”. Padres has therefore filed a lawsuit against the two musicians who performed at Astroworld Fest.

Travis Scott And Drake

He also included Live Nation Entertainment Inc. and the Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation in the lawsuit. He is accusing them of negligence. Padres is suing Drake because his presence as a special guest “helped incite the crowd” when he came on stage with Travis Scott.

According to Parades, he and several others sought the help of the security guards at the venue, but they were ignored.

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Kristian Parades is therefore seeking over $1 million in compensation for bodily injuries and medical expenses. This is because some of his injuries may be permanent. He is also seeking a trial by jury.

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