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Travis Fimmel Wife, Married, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Height, Gay, Family, Siblings



Travis Fimmel

Travis Fimmel – As a prominent Australian actor and a retired model, Travis Fimmel owes his success to the role he played as Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings series. Travis’ talent in modeling was discovered by a talent scout. Who was an employee of the Chadwick Modeling Agency? As a model, Travis modeled for Calvin Klein clothing.

The Vikings star later appeared on the cover of W model management in 2002. Once Travis Fimmel was convinced that he had achieved enough success in the modeling industry, he decided to switch to acting.

Learn more about Vikings star, Travis Fimmel’s dating life with a girlfriend, gay rumors, net worth, measurements, and wiki.

Travis Fimmel Married To Wife Or Dating Girlfriend? Gay Rumors

Reliable sources have it that Travis Fimmel is not yet married to a wife. All the same, he is already in a dating relationship with Paula Patton. Paula was Travis’ screen girlfriend in the movie-Witchcraft.

Interestingly, Travis has over the years been involved with seven ladies since the beginning of his stardom. His first relationship was with Joy Bryant, a successful American model. However, the relationship took a nosedive sooner than it was expected.

Travis then proceeded to date Nita Kuzmina, a Russian model, for a while. From Nina, Travis found love in the American porn star, Ceara-Lynch.

Nicole Appleton was Travis’ love after Ceara. The two met in 1999 and dated for three years before finally calling it a day. At some point, Travis also dated Rachel Hunter, a renowned Kiwi model. They parted ways in 2002.

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He then befriended Jessica Miller. Jessica and Travis saw each other for a couple of months before the relationship ended. The past relationship failures could not dampen Travis’ spirits.

He, therefore, decided to give it another try with Merrin Dungey. Sadly, this one too could not make it beyond one year.

All along, Travis and Serena Viharo have been widely mentioned on several relationship reports. The two have been rumored to be in a dating relationship. At some point, they were rumors that they had gotten married. Well, at the moment, the best which can be said with certainty is that Travis and Serena are two good friends who enjoy each other’s company. Travis is so straight. He is not gay.

Travis Fimmel Net Worth, Vikings

Travis Fimmel is not a poor man. Over the years, he has made some good money for himself. The career of Travis started immediately after he had graduated from the acting school he had attended in Los Angeles. He was trained by the Hollywood icon, Ivana Chubbuck. Ivana had a reputation of creating stars out of amateurs. He is said to have mentored the likes of Charlize Theron, Brad Pitt, and Eva Mendez.

Apart from a successful acting career, Travis Fimmel also tried his hand in modeling, which also turned out to be very rewarding. Travis’ role in the famous series, Vikings, was the climax of his acting career. The net worth of Travis Fimmel is estimated to be around $ 3 million. Most of his wealth has been derived from the popular show, Vikings.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight
Travis is 6 feet and 1 inch tall. He weighs 193 pounds; approximately 83 kilograms. Travis has a waist size of 89 centimeters.

Actor, Travis Fimmel height is 6 feet and 1 inch

Family, Siblings

Travis has two brothers, both of who are older than him. The three brothers grew up working on the cherry orchards that belonged to their family. His brothers love Camping and fishing.

How old is Travis Fimmel? Age, Wiki, Bio

Travis Fimmel is the son to Jennie Fimmel and Chris Fimmel. He is the last born child in a family of three children. Chris is a cattle farmer while Jennie deals with recreational facilities for the disabled. Before modeling and acting, Travis had ambitions of becoming a professional rules footballer. Unfortunately, his dream came down crashing after he suffered a leg injury that saw him immobile for quite some time. Born on the 15th of July 1979, Travis is currently 39 years old.

Social Media Updates. What Is Travis Fimmel Doing Now?

Travis Fimmel is a moderate user of social media. He commands quite a huge following; from fans and friends.


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