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Who is Eva Longoria’s ex-husband Tony Parker?



Tony Parker

Tony Parker- Tony Parker, Eva Longoria’s ex-husband, has opened up about the anguish he had during the couple’s high-profile divorce, saying, “It’s true, it was a horrible and sad moment in my life.” After three years of marriage, Eva and Tony filed for divorce in 2010.

Tony Parker

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During an appearance on Canal +’s The Conversation, the 33-year-old talked about how distraught he was after his breakup with the Desperate Housewives star. “It’s not simple to end a relationship because I want to perform well when I get involved in something,” he remarked.

“I had no control over the exposure.” This is the society we live in today; everything is accessible via the Internet and social media platforms. I was never one to listen to what others had to say. Hollywood is a different planet, a different level.”

Tony has been married to French journalist Axelle Francine since their divorce five years ago, and the couple has a son named Josh. Tony and his new wife Axelle have a son named Josh.

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