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Timmy Thick Biography, Wiki, Real Name, Dating, Harvard, Dead or Alive



Timmy Thick

Timmy Thick is a recent sensation and a social media star, who amused thousands of people with his controversial and vexed Instagram posts. Despite the unclear intentions and assets, except for his thick body, he managed traction of visitors to his profile and made to a decent income, with an unbelievable net worth. His posts included erotic gestures, postures and feminine appearances in womanly outfits.

Don’t miss the invaluable information on Timmy thick net worth, and a short but astounding career pattern of the disguised social media celebrity. Drawn from the most reliable sources, the facts and figures on Timmy, presented in this article, is less likely to be found elsewhere on the internet. Stay tuned.

Who is Timmy Thick?

Born in the outskirts of New York City in 21st August of 2002, Timmy is an American citizen a white descendent. He opened his Instagram account on 2016, at a slender age, and started posting photos of himself with unnatural postures and effeminate selfie gestures suggesting a homosexual mentality or a playful eroticism.

Is Timmy Thick Dating or Single in real life?

The girlish male carried rumors all around for having a gay mentality, but no official verifications have yet been to confirm it. Timmy thick is likely to be single and doesn’t seem to be dating someone. As for a guess, his imagination and imitation of Nicky Minaj, do apply some light to the psychological behavior of the teen to have an attraction towards people with similar mental frames.

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The highly sought-after social media celebrity is likely to be spending a good time watching the world making assumptions of him, that was barely imaginable.

Timmy Thick Harvard, Now

Hearsays spread across the internet for Tommy Thick’s case to be a Sociological study from Harvard University; however, no official verifications have been so far. Meanwhile, informal statements from Harvard professor Jason Beck implies in a manner that the implications toward Harvard’s involvement in experiments such as Timmy is likely to be a hoax. The fan world of Timmy as of now has been anticipating for an outbreak of the concealed information, and also for the results of the study just in case the university holds the key to it.

Is Timmy Thick Dead or Alive?

The initiator of the social media avalanche is likely to be alive now; however, a reliable verification source does not exist to prove it. He certainly appears to be nonexistent after his Instagram account was seized and deleted officially in 2018, with multiple reporting and controversies. His sensation, however, remains buried, with curiosity still alive on Timmy’s intention for the two-year exhibitions.

Personal life
The dark brown eyed dude stands 152 cm tall and has a chubby body. Timmy’s hair is brownish, and a childish look is reflected on the teen’s face. The kid’s bodily measurements are currently unavailable. Often known for his vulgar talks and rude words, there is plausibility for the kid with the childish looks differently aged than the publicized.

Quick Facts about Timmy Thick

Full name (Real Name) Justin Thick

Age 19 years old

Birthdate 1999 /08 /21

Birth Place York City, in the United States

Nationality American

Ethnicity White

Profession Social Media Personality

Spouse N/A

Net worth $30,000

Height 152.4 cm

Weight 46 kg

Marital Status Single

Children N/A

Zodiac Leo

Social Media Instagram

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