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Ex #BBNaija star, Thelma blast Tega after seeing the video of Boma and Tega making out (video)



Thelma blast Tega – Reality star and Ex Big Brother Naija housemate Thelma has reacted to the viral video of Tega and Boma sharing a kiss.

Thelma described the scene as “clout and arrant nonsense for a married woman.”

Thelma blast Tega

She claimed that Tega’s husband was justifying his wife’s behavior by claiming that he had cheated on her as well.

She went on to say that unless Tega has made up her mind to leave her home for a “overnight celebrity,” the sensual moment should be reserved for those who are single in the house

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Thelma also expressed her wish for the housemate’s marriage to remain intact, as she herself is not married.

Thelma blast Tega

The former BBNaija star wrote;

First of all, this is CLOUT and arrant NONSENSE for a married woman. I saw a post where the husband was justifying her actions that he cheated on her and that’s why she’s is doing this. Although I understand that this is just a way of making people to talk, but this display alone is totally wrong for someone that wants to keep her home, unless she has made up her mind to leave her home for “overnight celebrity”. This bedroom caressing, kissing, etc., is for the single ones

Well, all I can say is that I hope their marriage remains intact cos I can never, be a supporter of broken home, Peace.
For those of you that enjoy watching porn, I know you will find this truth so offensive, but your rubbish comments doesn’t count ok
Ps Note: I hate no housemate

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