The Judds Hall Of Fame Induction: Did Judds get inducted into the Hall of Fame?

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The Judds Hall Of Fame Induction

The Judds Hall Of Fame Induction: Just a day after Naomi Judd died tragically, Ray Charles and The Judds were inducted into the Country Song Hall of Fame on Sunday in a ceremony packed with tears, music, and laughter. Her daughter Wynonna Judd is also a member of the legendary country duo The Judds.

The Judds Hall Of Fame Induction

The singer’s family granted permission for the originally arranged Sunday event to take place. Ashley and Wynonna Judd, her daughters, were present to commemorate her, and both expressed their sorrow over her death at the age of 76.
“I’m sorry she couldn’t hang on until today,” Ashley Judd said, tears streaming down her face as the sisters accepted their admission.

Fans flocked to the museum’s door, enticed by a white floral bouquet and a little framed portrait of Naomi Judd below. On the ground, a solitary rose was placed.

Charles’ admission highlighted his genre-defying country albums, demonstrating the commercial popularity of country music. The Georgia-born singer and pianist grew up listening to the Grand Ole Opry and produced “Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music” in 1962, which went on to become one of his era’s best-selling country albums.

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