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Texas School Shooting Truck: Texas school shooter crashed truck before running to school with rifle



Texas School Shooting Truck

Texas School Shooting Truck: The police described an hour-long gap in the amended timeline during which law enforcement officials entered the school but did not engage the gunman.

They said the gunman’s truck crashed nearby around 11:28 p.m. The teacher who answered the door entered the school, presumably to get a phone.

Texas School Shooting Truck

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Two men at the funeral home across the street heard the truck smash at the same moment. They dash towards the truck, where they observe Salvador Ramos, the suspect, exiting with a rifle and a rucksack.

The gunman fires at the fleeing men but misses. They both make it back to the funeral home, despite one of them collapsing while jogging. The gunman approaches the school on foot.

The instructor at the gate can now be seen on camera inside the school, allegedly dialing 911.

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