Susan Roces Passed Away: Age Died, Young, Family, Sister, Real Name

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Susan Roces Passed Away

Susan Roces Passed Away: Susan Roces, known as the “Queen of Philippine Movies,” was a Filipina actress and producer. In her career, she has appeared in over 130 films.

Susan Roces age died

Susan Roces was how old when she died? Susan Roces died in her eighties.

Susan Roces Young

When Susan Roces was younger, how did she appear?

Susan Roces | Credit: ABS-CBN

Susan Roces family

What is Susan Roces’ family like? Susan Roces was married to Fernando Poe Jr., a Filipino actor. Grace Poe was her daughter, while Rosemarie Sonora and Teresita Sonora were her siblings. Brian Llamanzares, Hanna Llamanzares, and Nikka Llamanzares were her three grandchildren.

Susan Roces sister

Susan Roces has sisters, right? Susan Roces has two sisters. Rosemarie Sonora and Teresita Sonora are Susan Roces’ sisters.

Susan Roces real name

Susan Roces’ true name is Susan Roces. Jesusa Purificacion Levy Sonora-Poe was Susan Roces’s given name.

Susan Roces Passed Away

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