Why Google Doodle Is Celebrating Romanian Physicist, Stefania Maracineanu On Her 140th Birthday

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Stefania Maracineanu: Today, June 18, Google is commemorating the 140th birthday of Stephania Maracineanu, a pioneering Romanian physicist, with a special commemorative Doodle.

Stefania Maracineanu 140th Birthday

The design honors the scientist’s work on polonium, a chemical element discovered by Marie Curie.

Stephanie Mărăcineanu was born on June 18, 1882, in Bucharest, Romania, and enrolled in her hometown’s university in 1907. She became a teacher three years after graduating with a degree in physical and chemical science.

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Mărăcineanu obtained a job at the Central School for Girls in Bucharest, which she had attended as a youngster, after working around Romania in 1915.

Despite the fact that Mărăcineanu’s doctoral dissertation stated that she had discovered the discovery more than a decade prior, Joliot-Curie did not recognise her work.

It was officially recognized by Romania’s Academy of Sciences in 1936, but her contribution was overlooked by the rest of the world’s scientific community.

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