Sherin Celine Mathew Boyfriend: Was Sherin Celine Mathew In A Relationship?

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Sherin Celine Mathew Boyfriend

Sherin Celine Mathew Boyfriend: Sherin Celine Mathew, a transwoman model and performer, was discovered hanging in her room. On May 17, a 27-year-old transwoman model was discovered dead at a secluded lodge near Vyttila called Chakkaraparambu. Sherin Celine Mathew, from Kuttanad, Alappuzha, was discovered hanged in her chamber.

Sherin Celine Mathew Boyfriend

Sherin Celine Mathew Cause Of Death
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Sherin, an Alappuzha native, had lived in the city for nearly five years.

The death was ruled a suicide by police, who issued an atypical death report. According to officials, Sherin’s friends said she had been depressed for the preceding few days.

Was Sherin Celine Mathew in a relationship?

There has been no mention of Sherin being in a relationship. Sherin was a model and had starred in a few Malayalam films in minor roles. In the last year, Kochi has seen five transgender people commit suicide. Sherin Celine has never been married or had children, according to the information available.


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