Shahana Model Death: Kozhikode model Shahana found dead, Husband arrested

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Shahana Model Death

Shahana Model Death: Shahana, a part-time actress and fashion model, was found dead on Friday, May 13 under mysterious circumstances. Shahana was found hanging from the window railing of her Parambil Bazar home.

Sajjad, Shahana’s husband, claimed she committed suicide, despite her relatives’ claims that he harassed her on a regular basis about money and other issues.

Shahana Model Death

“My daughter would never die by suicide, she was killed,” Shahana’s mother said in a statement. She would constantly cry and scream about them abusing her. He had a reputation for getting drunk and causing mayhem. His parents and sister were also torturing her, so I suggested that they separate and live in separate places. My daughter continued to complain to me about him misbehaving with her and demanding money.

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We had wasted the gold sovereigns we had donated. “She had wished to meet us on her birthday,” Sahana’s mother told the reporters. Sajjad did not let Sahana meet her relatives or invite them to the house, according to Mathrubhumi.

Sajjad, Shahana’s husband, has been detained awaiting further inquiry.

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