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Shahana Model Children: Does Shahana Have Kids With Husband Sajjad?



Shahana Model Children

Shahana Model Children; Shahana was a Malayalam actress and model who was discovered dead in her residence.

Her family described her death as “strange” and accused her spouse of repeatedly abusing her for money. Her Kasargod relatives said a neighbour alerted them of her death at 1 a.m. on Friday.

Shahana Model Children

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Photo credit: South Indian Actress

They also disclosed that her husband, Sajad, had refused to allow her relatives to visit or call them after over two years of marriage. The circumstances surrounding her death are currently being investigated by the police.

Does Shahana Have Kids With Husband Sajjad

It’s unclear whether Shahana and her spouse Sajjad have children. She has yet to make any mention of her children.


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