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Samantha Aucoin Age, Wikipedia, Instagram, Samantha Aucoin Husband Jeremy Antunes



Samantha Aucoin Age


Samantha Aucoin Age, Samantha Aucoin is a Canadian actress, singer, and songwriter who has featured in a number of local plays. Samantha Aucoin is from Toronto and she made her acting debut in a series titled “Astrid And Lily Save The World.”

Samantha Aucoin is a lover of movies and her love for acting traces back to his childhood days when she acted with Crazy Pants Theatre Company in Alliston. Samantha Aucoin attended Cedar Pry High School and proceeded to Texas Tech University.



Samantha Aucoin
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Samantha Aucoin Age

How old is Samantha Aucoin? Samantha Aucoin was born in 2001, hence, she is 20 years of age.

Samantha Aucoin Instagram

The Instagram handle of Samantha Aucoin is @samantha.aucoin and she has over 1,600 followers.



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Samantha Aucoin Husband Jeremy Antunes

Samantha Aucoin is married to Jeremy Antunes and they are living happily. Jeremy Antunes and Samantha Aucoin started dating in 1999 and they exchanged vows in an unofficial ceremony in Hawaii in 2000.

Samantha Aucoin Wikipedia

Samantha Aucoin currently does not have a Wikipedia page. The editors of Wikipedia have not discovered her yet.

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