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Sabu Howard: Biography Of Traylor Howard’s Son



Sabu Howard

Sabu Howard is the son of the American actress, Traylor Howard known for playing Natalie Teeger on the comedy-drama detective mystery television series, Monk.


Traylor Howard

Traylor Howard and so, Sabu Howard Image: Purepeople

Sabu Howard

Sabu Howard was born on 24 November 2006 and is the first son of Traylor Howard. Sabu Howard’s father is believed to be Christian Navarro. Christian Navarro is the second husband of Traylor Howard and they dated for a year before getting married on 26 April 2003. However, after three years of marriage, Christian Navarro and Traylor Howard got divorced in 2006. Though at the time of the split up with Christian Navarro, Traylor Howard did not have any children, Traylor Howard gave birth to Sabu Howard on 24 November 2006, promoting the belief that Sabu Howard’s father is Christian Navarro.

On 1 January 2011, Sabu Howard’s mother, Traylor Howard got married for the third time in her life to Jarel Portman, an architect in Atlanta.

Sabu Howard’s mother, Traylor Howard is also known to have dated prominent actors like George Clooney and Ryan Reynolds. Traylor Howard is believed to have dated George Clooney from 1998-1999 and is also believed to have met Ryan Reynolds on the sets of ‘Two Guys and a Girl’.



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