Rosmarie Trapp Obituary

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Rosmarie Trapp Obituary

Rosmarie Trapp Obituary: Rosmarie Trapp, a member of the Trapp Musical Family who inspired The Sound of Music, died at the age of 93.

Rosmarie Trapp Obituary

The Trapp family claimed Rosmarie “went away quietly on Friday evening,” adding that she “was in the presence of loved ones all day long” in an Instagram message on Saturday, May 14, 2022.

The statement went on:

“Her generosity, friendliness, and vibrant attitude were legendary, and she influenced innumerable lives.”

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The statement ended with:

“Please respect our family’s privacy as we process this loss and plan to honor the life of an incredible woman.”

“We believe that the best approach to honor Rosmarie is to emulate her selfless goodness and giving on a daily basis.”

Johannes, Lynne, Kristina, and Sam von Trapp all signed the statement.


Rosmarie was born on February 8, 1929, in the Austrian hamlet of Aigen, near Salzburg.

Rosmarie von Trapp grew raised in a large household with seven older half-siblings and two younger siblings, as the first child of naval war hero Captain Georg Johannes von Trapp and his wife Maria Augusta (Kutschera) von Trapp.

Rosmarie grew raised in Salzburg with her family, and in 1938, she immigrated to the United States with them to flee the German annexation of Austria, where the family was pressed to cooperate with the Nazis. Rosmarie Trapp Obituary

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