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Rolanda Rochelle Biography: Family, Net Worth, Age, Diet, Husband, Wikipedia



Rolanda Rochelle (born September 5, 1967) as Rolanda Wright is a 54 years old famous Instagram star, brand/lifestyle influencer, and actress.

Rolanda Rochelle Biography

She is also known for her appearances in Kountry Wayne‘s comedy skits on Instagram, which now adds acting as part of her resume.

She has also stunned the social media space on a couple of occasions with her age and physique.

Rolanda Rochelle: History, Bio, Photo

Rolanda Rochelle

Rolanda Rochelle

Wiki Facts & About Data

Full Name: Rolanda Wright

Stage Name: Rolanda Rochelle

Born: 6 September 1967 (age 54 years old)

Place of Birth: Texas, United States

Nationality: American

Parents: N/A

Children: N/A

Height: 1.72 m

Siblings: N/A

Boyfriend • Husband: Undisclosed

Occupation: Actress • Media Personality

Net Worth: US$800,000

Rolanda Rochelle Early Life & Education

Rolanda Rochelle

She was born Rolanda Wright on the 5th of September 1967.

There is no available information about her birthplace or upbringing, but there is speculation that her hometown is in Texas.

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However, she is reportedly living in Atlanta, Georgia, because most of her Instagram posts point towards that direction.

Writing on her education, Rolanda Rochelle is yet to make public her educational qualifications.


She worked as a real estate agent in Atlanta, Georgia. Her job was that of a high-end real estate agent. However, she is primarily famous for featuring in Kountry Wayne‘s comedy skits on Instagram.

Although being an actress is listed amongst her professional background on her Facebook page, her acting experience was limited to Kountry Wayne‘s comedy videos. Other things listed on the page are a pro-aging advocate and brand ambassador.

On the other hand, Rolanda Rochelle appears to have other acting credits like the 2021 American Gangster-Big 50, in which she starred as Grandma Tilda and the series The Bottom as Detective Jones. She also has a post-production feature in the movie “Why Women Trip,” which is expected to be released in 2022. She starred as Connie in it.

Even though the supposed brand that Rolanda Rochelle is an ambassador to is still unknown, the actress also advocates for the elderly and urges others to embrace their age instead of feeling low-esteemed by its thought.

Personal Life

She has taken to her Instagram account to disclose that she is single, although she has a grown-up daughter. The stunning 54-year-old woman often leaves her fans wondering why she is still single with all her looks and physique.

In one of her videos posted on Instagram, Rolanda Rochelle spoke to an imaginary husband but later realized she was not married. Unfortunately, the actress’s past relationship records are also unknown because she doesn’t disclose any of that to the public.

Height, Diet, Distinct Features

Rolanda Rochelle‘s height stands at around 5ft 8inches, making her a very tall woman. She has pretty obvious features, especially her grey hair, brown eyes, and wonderful smile.

Irrespective of her age, at 54, Rolanda Rochelle appears very healthy and in good shape. The secret behind her incredible physique is probably the healthy consumption of fresh vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

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An added advantage to her fitness is regular exercise, as Rolanda Rochelle is seen on the beach in most of her pictures, wearing bikinis just like girls in their 20s.

Social Media

By keeping an open mind with her fans, Rolanda Rochelle has gathered a lot of followers across the major social media platforms.

For example, her Instagram account, @rogirll, has a total of 511k followers. In the same way, her Facebook page @RolandaWright has about 158k followers.

Rolanda Rochelle Net Worth

The actress, Rolanda Rochelle‘s career as a realtor gives her most of her earnings.

According to trusted sources, the average base salary of a realtor in Atlanta, Georgia, was over $76k per year. On that note, Rolanda Rochelle‘s net worth is currently estimated at $800,000 US dollars.

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