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Roger Cook From This Old House illness And Current Health Update



Roger Cook – This Old House is one of Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) longest-running television series considering its debut was in February 1979. The show might have received a variety of contractors and hosts over the years, but none of the exits have shocked fans more than Roger Cook, who has a legacy of more than three decades as a landscape contract.

Roger Cook

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Fans of popular television series This Old House are continually checking up on its main star Roger Cook after the latter admitted to being ill. Roger is arguably the biggest idealist in the program that has showcased amazing landscaping ideas for decades. He started his career on the PBS show in 1982 as a private contractor before landing a permanent role as a landscape and garden expert in 1988.

What happened to Roger on This Old House?

If you are an avid fan, you might have noticed Roger Cook from This Old House is making fewer appearances on the show as opposed to earlier. Well, in June 2018, the famous landscaper issued a health statement claiming he was battling several medical conditions. In an open letter, the landscaper stated that for the many years he was on the show he has enjoyed his job and is still proud to be part of the cast.

He also acknowledged the friends and family he made while on the show before declaring that due to his health issues, he will reduce his role on TV. Other than This Old House, Roger was also part of popular spin-offs called Inside This Old House and Ask This Old House. In the letter, the experienced contractor says he intends to use the time off from work to tend to his health while spending quality time with his family.


Image:, @RogerCookTOH Source: UGC

Is Roger Cook Parkinson’s disease rumour true?

There has been a lot of speculations regarding Roger Cook’s illness since his open letter came out and fans have not ruled out Parkinson’s disease. The rumours might be fuelled by the landscaper’s problem when walking, which is seen when he is working. Parkinson’s is a neurological disease caused by a decreased production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter released by neurons to other nerve cells.

This progressive disease can cause impaired balance, slow movement, or even resting tremors. Some of these symptoms can also be witnessed after a stroke or in cancer patients. So did Roger Cook have a stroke or does Roger Cook have cancer? As aforementioned, the contractor has not publicly stated the cause of his health deterioration.

Roger Cook’s health update

The open letter by Roger was not taken lightly by most fans despite him insisting that he needed his family’s privacy to be respected. The star landscaper made few appearances in season 40 and even fewer appearances in the subsequent season. In some of his latest shows, he is noticeably having trouble walking. Others claim that his limping has become more severe over the past few months. So why is Roger Cook limping?

Despite not mentioning the illnesses he is battling at the moment, fans have come up with different notions as to what the cause of the limping and slowing down might be. For some, he is simply taking time off a busy schedule after working for several decades. The expert landscape artist graduated in 1977 and has been on air since the 80’s making him roughly over 60 years old.


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Limping is one of the health conditions that can increase exponentially with age. Furthermore, movements, as well as the occasional lifting, can also cause spinal problems. A common spinal injury capable of causing heavy limping is spinal stenosis. However, limping can also occur after a leg injury. None of the speculated health issues have been confirmed by Roger as he continues to keep his medical condition private despite the walking difficulties when on air.

How much is Roger Cook worth?

Roger Cook has amassed a lot of wealth, or at least enough by his standards from investments and salary from his career as a TV landscaper. As of 2019, Roger Cook’s net worth is $11 million and is currently part of This Old House magazine’s editorial board. Much of Roger’s work can be seen on his social media profiles, especially on Twitter.

This Old House will be different without Roger Cook if he decides to take a complete break off-air to focus on healing. However, that cannot be promised of a man who arguably loves landscaping. We wish the TV legend a speedy recovery and hope he will be back on our screens soon with outstanding landscaping ideas. Stiest

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