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Régine Zylberberg Death: How Did Régine Zylberberg Die?



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Régine Zylberberg Death: Régine Zylberberg, also known as Régine, was a Belgian-born French singer and nightclub mogul who dubbed herself “Queen of the Night.”

What happened to Régine Zylberberg

Régine Zylberberg Death

What caused Régine Zylberberg’s death? Régine Zylberberg, what happened to her? Régine Zylberberg’s identity is yet to be revealed. However, on May 1, 2022, it was stated that she died at daybreak. Régine Zylberberg Death

Régine Zylberberg announcement

Who was the first to report Régine Zylberberg’s death? Peirre Palmade, a French actor and comedian, announced Régine Zylberberg’s death. He announced it on his Instagram account.



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Régine Zylberberg net worth at the time of death

What was Régine Zylberberg’s net worth when she died? Before she died, how wealthy was Régine Zylberberg? At the time of her death, Régine Zylberberg was reported to have a net worth of roughly $1 million.

Régine Zylberberg age

When Régine Zylberberg died, how old was she? At the age of 92, Régine Zylberberg passed away.

Régine Zylberberg songs

What are some of Régine Zylberberg’s most well-known songs? Régine Zylberberg was a singer who had a number of hits. These are some of them:

  • La Grande Zoa.
  • Les P’tit Papiers.
  • Fumeur de havens.
  • A Yiddishe Mame.

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