“Stop Lying, You Are Depressed” – Regina Daniels’ Mother Express Worry Over Her Recent Looks (She Respond)

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Young Nollywood actress, Regina Daniel, has shared a conversation between herself and a mother on her snap chat.

In the conversation, her mother, Rita Daniels seemed bothered about her daughter as she believes she is depressed due to a post she made earlier. Her mother was seen asking her so many questions to be sure she is not depressed.


Sharing the screenshot on her page, Regina stated that she misses her mother’s sweetness and strictness. She mentioned that she is jealous of her younger sister because she is now enjoying her mother’s sweetness while she and her brothers went through her strict regime.

Regina Daniels said;

“My strict ever-loving mother. My younger sister is enjoying all her sweetness after we took her strictness”.

Regina Daniels has always spoken highly of her mother because she has moulded her into what she is now. On her recent birthday a few months ago, she tattooed her named on her shoulder to show how much she loves her mother.

Regina Daniel post below;

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