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Referral Apps and Sites to Earn ₦45k Weekly in Nigeria

Referral Apps and Sites to Earn ₦45k Weekly in Nigeria

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Referral Apps and Sites to Earn : Are you in search of the top referral and earning apps in Nigeria that offer genuine online payments for students, graduates, or business owners?

Are you curious to find out?

  • Apps with instant referral bonus.
  • Referral earning apps, sites, and programs in Nigeria.

If your answer is YES, then this article is precisely what you need to read today.

Were you aware that you can effortlessly earn money by sharing your positive experiences with well-performing apps? Simply guide others to sign up using your exclusive referral link, and you’ll receive compensation.

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To begin…

Referral Apps and Sites to Earn in Nigeria

With Refer and Earn Apps in Nigeria, you can effortlessly supplement your daily income through referrals.

These apps operate by enabling you to share your unique referral link with your contacts, who in turn can invite their own friends and family to join the app.

As a result, you receive a cash reward equivalent to a percentage of the initial sign-up amount when your invited users join the app using your referral link.

Features of Referral Earning Apps in Nigeria

  • Ensure proper registration with the relevant agency.
  • Be optimized for mobile use.
  • Maintain a robust security infrastructure.
  • Receive positive reviews and feedback.
  • Establish fair and transparent terms and conditions for users.
  • Offer a variety of reliable payment options.
  • Avoid any concealed or undisclosed charges.
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Referral Apps to Earn Money in Nigeria Requirements

  • You must be a minimum of 18 years old.
  • You must possess a valid identification card for verification, such as a National ID, NIN (National
  • Identification Number), Voters Card, or International Passport.
  • You must have an active bank account and a Bank Verification Number (BVN).

2 Legit Apps with Instant Referral Bonus in Nigeria

Here is a list of the highest-paying referral apps in Nigeria:

1. OPay

OPay stands out as the top platform in Nigeria for performing daily tasks to earn money directly in your bank account.

OPay operates as a mobile payment and financial services platform and offers a lucrative referral program to its users. This program enables users to generate income by referring their friends and family to register with OPay.

To participate in the OPay referral program, start by creating an OPay account and then share your unique referral link with your acquaintances.

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For every successful referral made through your link, you will receive a commission. The amount of commission you earn is determined by the number of referrals you have and the total transactions your referrals conduct on the OPay platform. You can earn up to ₦800 for each successful referral.

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To locate your OPay referral link, launch the OPay app and navigate to the “Referral” section, where your unique link will be displayed. To share this link, simply copy and paste it into text messages, emails, or social media posts.

To complete the referral process, your friends must download the OPay app and register using your referral link. Subsequently, they will need to verify their phone number and identity.

Once your friend’s account is successfully verified, you will receive your referral commission, which will be credited to your OPay wallet. This wallet can be used for various purposes, including making payments, transferring money, withdrawing cash, and purchasing airtime and data.

The OPay referral program offers a convenient way to earn additional income by referring friends and family to OPay. It’s a straightforward process that can benefit both you and your referrals.

Here are some terms and conditions to keep in mind regarding the OPay referral program:

  • To participate in the program, you must be a registered OPay user.
  • You have the opportunity to refer up to 100 people each month.
  • The commission you receive is contingent on both the number of referrals you make and the total transaction amounts carried out by your referrals on the OPay platform.
  • Your earned commission will be deposited into your OPay wallet within 7 days of a successful referral.
  • Please note that the terms and conditions of the OPay referral program are subject to modification.
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2. Hawkit

Hawkit is a platform developed by Tech Champions Services, a Lagos-based company specializing in web and mobile app development.

With Hawkit, you have the convenient opportunity to promote your products and services while also earning daily income by sharing advertisements on your social media profiles.

To get started, you can either visit the Hawkit registration page or download and install the mobile app for sign-up.

You’ll need to provide your email address during the registration process.

Once you’ve signed up and verified your email address, it’s important to note that you must activate your account before you can begin earning through Hawkit.

This activation process currently involves a fee of ₦1,000. Please be aware that this fee may be subject to change, whether it’s reduced, eliminated, or adjusted in the future.

  • Generate a daily income of up to ₦5,000 by engaging in activities such as following, liking, commenting, sharing, retweeting, or posting advertisements for businesses on your social media accounts.
  • Enjoy an immediate referral commission of ₦500 when you introduce someone to join Hawkit. The more referrals you bring in, the more you can earn.
  • Boost your product sales on Hawkit by showcasing them to a wide audience of potential buyers and resellers daily.
  • Embark on your own airtime/data business through Hawkit. Purchase airtime or data at discounts ranging from 10% to 50% on Hawkit and then resell them to your friends and family at regular prices.


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