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Who Was Kollege Kidd Co-Founder Ray Autry?



Ray Autry

Ray Autry was the co-founder of Kollege Kidd, a digital content platform and a K-culture website

Ray Autry Credit Feed Lilu

Ray Autry | Credit: Feed Lily

Ray Autry cause of death

How did Ray Autry die? What was Ray Autry cause of death? Ray Autry was reported dead on December 30, 2021. He died as a result of COVID-19.

Ray Autry age at the time of death

How old was Ray Autry at the time of his death? Ray Autry was 30 years old when he was reported dead.

Ray Autry hometown

Where did Ray Autry come from? Where was Ray Autry hometown? Ray Autry was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio.

Ray Autry brother

Who is Ray Autry brother? Ray Autry’s brother, Richard is also receiving treatment after being hospitalized with COVID-19.

Ray Autry social media

How popular was Ray Autry on social media? Ray Autry was popular on several social media platforms, especially YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. He had more than nine hundred thousand followers (915,101) on Instagram and 367,000 subscribers on YouTube.

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