Rachel Maddow MSNBC Husband: Who Is Rachel Maddow’s Partner Susan Mikula?

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Rachel Maddow MSNBC Husband

Rachel Maddow MSNBC Husband: Rachel Maddow is a leftist political pundit and television personality who is outspoken about her beliefs. She is a sought-after political analyst in the worlds of television and radio as the host of the enormously successful nightly television show ‘The Rachel Maddow Show.’ She was always curious, confident, and active, even as a toddler.

Rachel Maddow MSNBC Husband

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Last November, MSNBC personality Rachel Maddow made news when she aired an emotional show announcing that her wife, Susan Mikula, had become ill and that the coronavirus “could kill her.”

Maddow said at the time, “She’s gotten sicker and sicker while I tried to care for her while keeping physically distant from her.” “And the bottom line is that she’ll be alright; she’s healing, she’s still unwell, but she’ll be fine.”

Susan Mikula is a photographer and artist from the United States. Mikula had her first solo photographic show in 1998, after years of working in the art industry and sitting on an art jury. She creates her images with archaic technology such as pinhole cameras and Polaroid cameras.

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