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Quint Kessenich Rankings: Quint Kessenich Top 20



Quint Kessenich Rankings

Quint Kessenich Rankings: Quint Kessenich is a former lacrosse goalkeeper and an American sportscaster noted for his commentary of horse racing, football, wrestling, basketball, lacrosse, and hockey.

As a college lacrosse goalkeeper, Quint Kessenich has won the Ensign C. Markland Kelly Jr. Award twice. Quint Kessenich played with the Baltimore Thunder in the National Lacrosse League after college.

Quint Kessenich Rankings
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Quint Kessenich Rankings: Quint Kessenich Top 20

Quint Kessenich has announced his Top 20 Lacrosse All Stars team, which includes the following players:

  1. Maryland Lacrosse (12-0).
  2. Georgetown Men’s Lacrosse (12-1).
  3. Virginia Men’s Lacrosse (10-3).
  4. Notre Dame Lacrosse (6-4).
  5. Duke Men’s Lacrosse (10-5).
  6. Princeton Men’s Lacrosse (9-3).
  7. Yale Men’s Lacrosse (8-3).
  8. Rutgers Men’s Lacrosse (12-2).
  9. Ohio State Men’s Lacrosse (8-4).
  10. Jacksonville Men’s Lacrosse (13-2).
  11. Brown Lacrosse (8-4).
  12. Penn Men’s Lacrosse (6-4).
  13. Cornell Men’s Lacrosse (10-3).
  14. Harvard Men’s Lacrosse (8-3).
  15. Boston University Men’s Lacrosse (10-3).
  16. North Carolina Men’s Lacrosse (8-5).
  17. Army Black Knights Men’s Lacrosse (10-3).
  18. Richmond Lacrosse (8-4).
  19. Saint Joseph’s Men’s Lacrosse (11-2).
  20. Denver Men’s Lacrosse (8-5).

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